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    SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. is an R&D Driven Manufacturer, Designer and Supplier of technologically enriched and specially designed Mechanical Seal/ Float Seals and Special surface treated Products for Construction, Mining, Defense, Transmission, and Agriculture Equipments. SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. with its Mechanical Seals provided Indian OEMs, an import substitute for the products those are highly challenged by the technicality and precision.

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    Equipped with the state of the art Seal Manufacturing Facility, Alloy Casting Foundry, Design and Testing centre, Advance Elastomeric & Polymer Technologies And maintaining the highest Quality Standards, the Seal Produced by SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. are extremely customized to the application functional requirements. SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. Seals deliver the increased Life of the equipment employed into, at the most drastic environments safeguarding the vital parts responsible for Equipment performance.

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    Innovation is the USP of SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd.’ more our it is our core value and we intend to very proactively employ innovative thinking culture in all our operations. This leads to our continuous efforts to pioneer developments that create competitive advantage with our parts. Our motive is to think differently, in a new creative and innovative manner every time with a gross focus on upgrades that not only covers products and applications but also the process and our services. At SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. our innovation plan and actions are in close collaboration with our suppliers, customers and human resources in order to meet the variable needs of customers, from time to time.

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    A high end commitment towards the product delivery and quality conformance to meet the challenging applications the mechanical face seals produced by SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. are one of the highly acclaimed products of Construction Equipment OEMS mainly in Europe & the USA. The amount of research and development employed by the core engineering team of the Company has in its true sense made the mechanical faces seals, A MAKE IN INDIA Product, while since decades this parts was dominated by imports.

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    SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. fosters a growth-oriented, professional environment that promotes personal success and career satisfaction. We value diversity, and are committed to attracting and retaining talented employees from a wide range of backgrounds. We believe that the diversity of our customers, suppliers and employees all over the world is key to our sustainable global profitable growth strategy. At SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd., we recognize the importance of diversity in our corporate culture. We are committed to attracting and retaining talented employees from a wide range of backgrounds. The diversity of our suppliers is essential to our ability to adapt to the global marketplace, which is why we pride ourselves on our aggressive Supplier Diversity Program. Through diversity, we enrich our business environment, creating more effective relationships with our employees, our customers, our supply base and the communities in which we live and work.

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SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Mechanical Face Seals established in Pune, India. SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. is working with major OEM's and international companies for the supply of . SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2009 in Pune, India and since then is working with the major clients in business. Apart from Mechanical Face Seals , our business segments include special bushings and other engineering products.

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