Frugal Innovation

Frugal engineering is the process of reducing the complexity and cost of a good and its production.

Frugal engineering solution is not cheap with respect to the performance when compared with a known standards.

SAP Parts Seals are technologically developed for protection of equipment working in the extreme and most adverse conditions like mud, rock-dust, sand, and water, desert heat and sever cold. These seals provide very effective lubricant retention and exclude contaminates in all applications across all types of conditions have proven a long service life with low maintenance. SAP Parts seal designs use elastomeric O-Rings to provide loading for the metal component. The design uses the contact area between the metal sealing rings to create a static and dynamic seal. These seals serves under most of the drastic environmental and hostile service conditions and applications where all other radial lip type elastomeric seals do not withstand. SAP Parts Mechanical are specially engineered high precision products giving import substitute to indian construction equipment OEMs .Read More

Why Frugal Engineering
  • Lack of Manufacturing Resources.
  • Need of the Clients with Resource deficit.
  • Functional appropriateness for the Environment.
  • Lack of Institutional infrastructure for supply & distribution.
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